Petros Kyriakou Veloudas' Poems


Petros Kyriakou Veloudas was born in 1977 in Agrinio city Etoloakarnania, Greece, where he lives to this day. He studied at the faculty of humanities of the hellenic open university of Patras, in the study program in Greek Culture. Today he is a kindergarten teacher. He has worked as a radio producer in local radio stations, publishes his poems, his satires in newspaper of Agrinio (Machitis, Anagelia, Palmos, Panetoliki, Nei KeriI-New Times). He is an active member of the international Greek writers union-DEEL. His poems are included in panhellenic anthologies (published by Nea Ariadne, anthology of poets-novelists of Etoloakarnania period 1821-2021) he himself and his literary work is included in the electronic panhellenic Encyclopedia of contemporary Greek writers, Kefalos editions 2019. His lyrics have been set to music by composers and are posted on youtube. His literary distinctions:
Prize for participating with his poem in the panhellenic poetry competition organised by the artistic association Ulysses, 
3rd prize of the literary prizes of the literature of the fictional Larry Niven and of publications Universal Paths with his poem The Last Sheriff.
Honorary Distinction in the first panhellenic prose of the literature magazine Kefalos. The Coral Publications awarded 150 poets from among 1000, Petros Kyriakou Veloudas being an awardee. At the end of September and the end of March 2021, Petros represented Agrinio Etoloakarnania Greece in a teleconference of the world poetry festival in Tunisia with poets from Greece, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Bulgaria, India. He was awarded with the certificate diploma participation from the organising country Tunisia, from the Tunisian poet Mr. Abdalah Gashmi.


Οι ανάσες των φεγγαριών

σκουριασμένες χειροπέδες

στης έκστασης την ειρκτή.

Κορμιά μισοφέγγαρα

ουσμένα στου δειλινού

τους καθρεφτες.

Τώρα κυλιούνται

στο επουρανιο πέλαγο

του πάθους τους.


και κραγιόν από ήλιο

κοσμούν το ερωτικό τους


Αντικείμενο της αγάπης

αιθεροβάμων μίτος

στους λαβυρίνθους της

αμαρτωλής νυχτιάς..

Τσιρότο στον πόνο τους

το παυσίπονο του χρόνου.

Οιδιπόδειο αστρικό σύμπλεγμα

ηδονικό φώς το ποτάμι των...δακρύων τους!

The Breath of the Moons

The breath of the moons are rusty

handcuffs in ecstasy's prison.

Crescent bodies bathed in the

sunset mirrors.

They are now rolling

in the sky, sea of their passion.

Sapphire crown and lipstick

from the sun adorn their

erotic temperament.

Object of love

ethereal dyes

in the labyrinths

of the sinful night.

Plaster in their pain

the painkiller of time…

Oedipus astral complex

bathed in light the river

of their...tears!


Μιλάς στην σιωπή και περιμένεις

μιαν απάντηση

Χτυπάς την πόρτα

της καρδιάς μα καρτερείς


Ζωή ζητας και όχι

καταχαμα να κοιτάς

την θλιβερή της μοναξιάς

την άρνηση

The Response of Silence

You ask silence

and wait for an answer

You knock the door of your heart

but you need the spring…

Life you ask and not to

step on the cloud loneliness

You want to be...immortal.

 The Costume of Words

Composes words

Words that are entangled

in the nets

of the scientific secrets,

Of the pages of life,

The midnight loneliness

wanders in the bazaars

of the endurance words.

Words crucified of flying

ideas that wear their accent

before being public.

The sunshine ideas exhibited

in the salons of brilliant books.