Sanket Mhatre's Poems

Sanket Mhatre is a bilingual poet writing in English & Marathi. He has curated Crossover Poems – a multilingual poetry recitation session that unifies poets from different languages on a single platform. Apart from this, Sanket Mhatre has been invited to read at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Poets Translating Poets, Goa Arts & Literature Festival, Jaipur Literature Festival, Vagdevi Litfest and Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Sahitya Sammelan. Besides curation & recitation, Sanket Mhatre has also created Kavita Café – a Youtube Channel that combines cinematic vision with visual poetry. 

The Woman Behind Kashaf

For Sanam Saeed 

The skin of your evenings 

Dawns on my city – my sheher

Illuminated by a thousand lights 

Or is it your smile – the breaking of two skies to reveal a sunset?

Precious. Hard-earned.   

Reassuring the balance between two worlds. 


Your face is a symphony of stories within you

A playground of nuances 

But your eyes are the most discomforting 

As they go deeper and deeper still 

Into the soul of your character

Everything must fade around you

The flooding of lights

The silent whirring of camera

The gradual silence before the take

To reveal what you have unravelled 

As you slide into your own kirdaar

Or as they slide into you

Become one with you

As one becomes one with infinity

Sanam, do you smell of fresh ink on paper most days? 

Do you smell of the drafts written for you – first and last?

How do you turn human flaws into flowers?

How does your inner struggle metamorphose into my journey? 

Does life find an answer through you? 

Or do you find an answer through life? 


Sanam, you remind me of so many faces I chose to forget

And yet, you never hide behind any

There are no masks with you – 

Just truth. 

Pure – as you first played it. 


I have seen the two of us

Fill up our cracks with afternoon sun

Or with half a pint of moon and port wine

While we kept strumming our fears in silence

through roundabout words and broken sentences 

Sometimes I would come halfway and return 

Sometimes you would peer long into the distance

Contemplating the end

Sharing a night of separation and sleepless agony 

Pondering why weren’t our answers answered 

What went wrong with the question

Dreading the ominous full stop that looms like a deathly planet


That it only takes a vertical smile 

to turn it into a comma