Poems by Yi Jung Chen

Besides teaching pupils of learning difficulties at Dounan Elementary School of Taiwan, Yi Jung (Jolene) Chen writes poems in English, Chinese and Taiwanese language as well.  Her wish is to have her poems published by reliable journals and to share her poems with people around the globe.

Instagram handle @ymay86
Twitter handle @YiJungChen3

The Heliotrope

Your long golden hair glistened in the Sun,

as I had laid my eyes on you.

My aging body still rooted to the ground,

beginning to shrivel up as the years passed by,

resembles an imprisoned genie in a bottle.

A laurel tree could have never understood my sorrow,

blood gushing from the pockmarks of my heart,

being a faithful Argos,

the tails of peacocks witnessed my unfaltering will.

The clipped wing ravens at the Tower of London,

foretells the bad news of your leaving.

To the ends of earth,

my feet of clay will always be your unblemished smile,

flaming torches of my life,

in the icy depth of the world, 

your cobalt halo is the elixir exclusively made for me.

Making the Tiramisu for your dessert, 

you had pretended not knowing what I had in mind,

devastated and grief-stricken,

a bouquet of sunflowers for me,

tears rolled down my cheeks.

Farewell, my snow bunting!

Tilting At Windmills

Your prowess in making me feel like

the bareback- riding Lady Godiva,

Like Sleipnir, tamed by Odin,

with an ancient charm,

safely slumbers in your arms.

Pegasus, carrying his thunderbolts,

shining in the night sky,

you carefully wiped out the sweets from my forehands,

hag ridden by seeing an aughisky gallop into the sea, 

forsaken by your cruel act,

the drowned rider, shapeshifted into me.

Putting a synastry chart on your lap,  

Uranus opposes sun is destiny.

Ice Giant coming into the verge of explosion,

the lethal farewell kiss detonates the last straw.

Running wildly and breathlessly, sweet memory looming

in and out,

the mercurial you and our unpredictable future,

inactivating my senses,

lulls me by the fantasy of

a warrior used to be severely struck blind in the battlefield, 

miraculously returning unharmed.

The Orange Oakleaf Butterfly

Putting on a dazzling look,

she wears her camouflage outfit.

Smelling the scents of her hair,

his mind becomes disrupted and astray.

Love is but a game, making people insane.

Perched on the fez,

she listens to the taut and shrill sounds of Oud,

lamenting over the silliness of falling in love

at first sight, everything seems glittering under

the deceiving moonlight, ambiguous glances

decoding falsely into a meaningful


Spreading her wings, 

mimicking a dead leaf flat on the ground,

the trample of many feet, the most

annoying part of daily routine.

A snail grooves and passes her by, 

leaving a long trace on the puddle, 

elegantly, at steadfast pace, moving away.

Everything never stays the same, 

snowflakes on her back, maples changing colors,

upon the right seasons.

Bickering, nonsense talks keep ringing in the year

bidding farewell to the memories

rendering into the streaks on her wings.

The Border Collie

Keeping vigil beside me,

adapting to the inclement difficulties around us,

we run wild in the steppe.

Herding the suitor to ensure my safety,

that is your way of loving me.

Letting go of the leash,

our shepherd dog lay down alertly on the picnic blanket.

you patted on her hand and looked back at me.

Ravishing beauty residing in me, 

you recognized it before I had pined away.

Striking a match in the middle of night,

you became my knight and savior.

A gentle breeze whispered in my ears,

your hair tinged with shiny grey.

Clinking sounds of our glasses witnessed

a sorrow of infinity in squandering our moments

on trivial matters per day.

Uranus and Sun are destined to meet.

Alas and alack!

Collisions, always occurring at full swing,

at the instant our hearts basked in dabbled shade.

Old tricks repeated itself endlessly,

like the streak of white running across the dog’s neck

strikingly marked our bumpy road to the 

consummation of our eternity.

The Scorching Sirius

Skeleton Flower greeted us with

otherworldly beauty in rainy days, 

its translucent petal, delicate happiness,

holding an omen for our future.

Your words keep ringing in my ears,

yet the promises taken away 

by the secluded Heaven. 

Adhara and Sirius aligning in the sky,

as if the tale of Ali and Nino,  

gently stroke the chord of my mind.

Scoffing at the scene of a black cat

crossed our path in moonlight,

we never dreamed of what will happen

in our ways.

Your arms transform into Sirius,

rising at sunset in the northern hemisphere,

the blazing heat and dazzling lights, 

besieging me from all directions,

nowhere to run.

Having Argos guard at our doorstep, 

we had showed indifferences to the outside world, 

till a tear dashed from our eyes, 

the once elegant him,

now reduced to a frail and debilitated creature.

sprawling on four legs and gasping for breath.

A sudden premonition of you being on the deathbed,

the horrifying vision flashing through my mind,

the hallucination made me breakdown and cry.

Worshiping Anubis to guide your soul to the Heaven’s gate, 

wishing to see you again,

somewhere, over the rainbow. 

 The Last Call

Eating Elvis Sandwich in one big bite,

you did not mind my nagging.

Holding my hands and minding your own paces, 

regardless of the world, running out of control,

Bougainvillea fully blooms.

With pleasant scents of cedars in the air,

the riverbed completely dry,

we still take our regular path to the cottage.

Losing my identity in the labyrinth of life,

as the instant the womb detached from my body,  

the voidness had made me feel deserted and alone.

You came to me, whispering in my ears,

enticing me with your soft voice.

Sunlight dancing in the surface of lake,

your smiling eyes told me to stay

the way I do.

The white stork, perched on the roof,

taking a glance, seemly impervious 

to the existences of human beings. 

Drawing to the fable of flowing water,  

you kiss me on the cheek.

Undoubtedly, it was

the ultimate message you had left 

for me.


I loved the poem The Orange Oakleaf Butterfly.

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