Submission Guidelines, Disclaimer and Contact

The Quiver Review accepts poetry, fiction, dramatic texts, experimental oeuvre, films, music, photography and visual art, essays, reviews and all that is artsy.

There are no restrictions on the form, genre, theme, style, word count and number of works you submit to us. The Quiver Review supports Freedom of Speech and Expression. We may not endorse some of the ideas, viewpoints and philosophies belonging to individual authors and artists. The Quiver Review DOES NOT endorse authors, artists and works that approve of ethnic discrimination, oppression and supremacy and we advise you to not email us such works.

Mail your submissions to Optionally, include your biography, photograph and accomapnying artworks for your works in the same email. To join The Quiver Review on WhatsApp and for queries, write to the same address. 

There are no submission fees.


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